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DTV+ Shower System with KOHLER Konnect

Key Points
  • The DTV+TM showering system with KOHLER Konnect enables you to create and automate personalized showering experiences for any moment in your day, for you and your family.
  • The KOHLER Konnect app allows you to create and manage presets for sound, water, steam and lighting and program the shower experience.
  • You can use voice to access those presets or the wall-mounted interface to adjust water temperature, and control showerheads and body sprays, music, lighting, steam and shower duration.
  • A bridge module can be installed on existing DTV+ systems to enable voice control feature (cost).
Real Life Example (Moments Made Better)
  • Start Jane's morning shower; start John's post workout shower.
  • Do not have to fumble for knobs while washing your hair, which makes it easier and safer.
  • You can access your music playlist using voice, and sing along to your favorite karaoke song in the shower.
Technical Information
  • Digital interface with easy-to-read configurable color touchscreen.
  • Can control up to two digital valves to provide two different shower temperatures.
  • Six user definable presets provide easy to use selection of personal settings.
  • Integrated pre-programmed temperature and hydrotherapy programs for spa lie showering experiences.